Tips for Apple Body Shape

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Nothing like being compared to a piece of fruit, right? Apples. Pears. I don't know who came up with these names, but I do know lots of tips on accentuating the features you want to flaunt.

So What Exactly is an Apple Body Shape?

The fashion industry defines apple body type as someone who has an average to big bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips, good legs, and have a fuller, less defined midsection.

The styling goals for this body shape will be to elongate the torso, draw attention to your legs, and create the illusion of a waist.

Looks to Invest In:

Styles to Stay Away From:

  • High waisted pants and skirts
  • Heavy detailing around the waist
  • Bodycon
  • Boxy clothes

In the end, these are really just suggestions. If you try something on that doesn't line up with any of the guidelines above and you love it, then rock it. You feeling amazing in the clothes you wear is the only thing that matters. The only opinion that matters about the clothes you wear is yours!

Remember, life is too short to wear boring clothes!!


Angela Keller

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