Paisley Raye Size Chart


One of the great things about Paisley Raye is that the sizing is standard across all styles. No more wondering "if I wear this size in Style X, will I wear the same size in another style?" The only sizing variable will be your personal fit preference. 

Another great thing about Paisley Raye? They feature a line of plus sizes that are designed with your fabulous curves in mind. Paisley Raye doesn't add length and width and call it good, every size is meticulously designed to fit every body at every size.

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While Paisley Raye styles fit "true to size," there are a couple styles that you can go up or down a size based on your fit preference

Criss Cross Cami- True to Size. If you don't like tops to be too fitted around your midsection, we recommend going up one size. 

Clover - True to Size. Straps are not adjustable.

Cosmo - True to Size. Sleeves have a good stretch, but if you are concerned about your upper arms, go up one size for a little extra room.

Daffodil - True to Size.

Dahlia - True to Size. The Dahlia features a plunging v-neck, so if you want a little more bust coverage, pair with the Criss Cross Cami.

Dusty Miller - True to Size. Can be sized up without adding too much bulk.

Graphic Tee - True to Size. Also looks cute sized up. We don't recommend sizing down due to the high side slits.

Holly - True to Size. The Holly hits at the hip, so size up if you want added length. 

Hydrangea - True to Size.

Lily - True to Size. If you're on the taller side, try going up a size for a bit more length. An up-sized Lily looks super cute as a dress.

Lotus - True to Size. For a little extra length, go up one size.

Pixie Pant - True to Size. For the plaid Pixie Pants, we recommend going up one size from your "true size". The plaids have less stretch and are running a size small.

Plumeria - True to Size. The Plumeria has a nice, flowy drape, so if you prefer a more fitted look, go down one size. Hits around mid-thigh.

Primrose - The Wrap Dress is cut generously, depending on your bust size, you can wear your "true size" or go down one size. Worried about showing too much bust? Pair the Primrose with our Criss Cross Cami  

Sage - True to size. Hits around mid-thigh.

Tulip - True to Size. The Tulip has a wonderful drape and flow to it, but if you want a little less fabric, go down one size. Hits around mid-thigh.